High School Scholarships

We believe that through education, we can empower children to realize their potential and become leaders in their community. We identify those who show willingness and potential but because of their vulnerable states are at risk of dropping out of school. In partnership with their guardians, community and schools we provide them with the skills to become change makers.

Key Points

- The program currently consists of 23 orphaned and vulnerable children through high school and tertiary scholarships
- Orphaned and vulnerable children are at particular risk of dropping out after primary school, particularly in rural areas
- Scholarship students attend boarding schools to be within conducive learning environments
- Students and guardians commit to scholarship conditions to stay in the program, creating a sense of both responsibility and pride
- An Annual Life Skills Camp and mentorship program equips students with the resilience to thrive in the world
- Sponsor a child for $1,690 for a year and become a part of the student’s journey

High School Scholarships

Progress of the Project
We have reached our goal of funding scholarships for all 23 students for 2018

We offer scholarships to boarding schools from two communities we partner with, in working towards sustainable development; Hwange Main Camp and Mambanje community, both on the outskirts of Hwange National Park. We currently support 23 orphaned and vulnerable children with High School and Tertiary Level Scholarships. Since the inception of the scholarship program in 2008, students from Hwange Main Camp and Mambanje Primary Schools compete for scholarships to the best boarding school they can gain entrance into in Zimbabwe.

Why Scholarships?
Due to challenges families caring for orphaned children face, many of these students would have dropped out of school by now without this assistance. Families caring for an orphaned child are often struggling to educate their own children and cannot afford to send an extra child to school. Students who are enlisted in our program embark on mutually agreed scholarship conditions which are supported by their guardians to stay in the program, creating a sense of both responsibility and pride for this opportunity. This empowers the students and promotes self-confidence. Our goal is to provide the students with guidance and support in all areas of their lives which influence their physical and mental well-being which includes the Annual Life Skills Camp and mentorship program equips students with the resilience to thrive in the world.

How does it work?
Through our relationships with communities and partnering with the schools through primary levels, we already have an awareness of students demonstrating potential, however, are at risk of dropping out of school because of their vulnerable status. Together with the teachers and community leaders, potential scholarship participants are identified, their backgrounds and challenges identified so we can best support them and together with the commitment of their guardians, two students from each Main Camp and Mambanje Primary are welcomed onto the program each year in January. Sponsorship funds are directly spent on the student and do not go into covering administration and/or overhead costs.

"Partnering with African Bush Camps has been a rewarding experience. It has involved more than sponsorship - we have been partners in helping these boys take the opportunities in front of them. ABC has done this by working closely with their students, both to understand their individual needs and to encourage them in their studies. Our regular email dialogue with the boys has made this a very personal experience. We have greatly appreciated the deliberate communication that ABC has sent to keep us informed. - David & Emily from Sydney, Australia"

What does it mean to become a sponsor?
By funding a student's scholarship program, sponsors become part of the child's schooling journey and receive regular updates on their progress. Some of the students from Main Camp and Mambanje Primary Schools have had their sponsors continue their support for many years through high school, meaning that these children are truly enabled and supported to reach their true potential. It also means that we are getting closer to reaching our 0% drop-out goal. The building of student/sponsor relationships has been very rewarding for both the students, their families and the sponsors alike. Read more about becoming a sponsor below.

Students from Hwange Main Camp Primary School and Mambanje Primary School attend the best school that they can gain entrance into throughout Zimbabwe. By attending boarding schools, it is a great financial relief on the families who care for these children and also means that the students are able to focus solely on their school work. In Zimbabwe, the standard at boarding schools is still recognized as being superior to most day schools.

In addition to being empowered to take their academic career into their own hands, and to do so within a conducive learning environment, an annual Life Skills Camp and mentorship program equips students with the resilience to thrive in the world. Read more about our 2017 Life Skills camp here.

In recent years we have seen students in higher grades participating in community events, by giving back they are learning to be role models and leaders in their own communities. They also take on a mentorship role over the younger scholarship students. We have had several students do work experience over their holidays, including some at Somalisa Camp in Hwange National Park.

US$1,360 for one student to attend high school or university for a full year. This includes food and boarding at the best high school or university they're able to get into in Zimbabwe. A further US$330 is then contributed towards running an annual Life Skills Camp, through which students are mentored and exposed to skills they would not necessarily develop at school.

A full 1 year High School Scholarship for one student is US$1,690. We try to assist students on to university level and currently have 2 university students who are currently unsponsored. We offer university support up to a level of $1,730 per year for one student.

Please note that sponsors are welcome to provide part sponsorship to students as additional funds can be sourced through other part sponsorships and additional fundraising. African Bush Camps includes a suggested contribution of US$50 for each booking made in support of the program.