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05 June, 2014
Dete Village, Hwange, Zimbabwe Join us

Join us:

This is an annual event aimed at being the biggest, and most widely celebrated  global day for positive environmental action. To commemorate the day, the Foundation will work together with five Primary Schools comprising the Dete Cluster, including St. Francis, Main Camp, Sir Roy, Mambanje and Chezhou Primary Schools.

The day will start with speeches about conservation and the environment, followed by a clean-up campaign across the clinic, police station, commercial shopping areas and along the National Railways, before the schools compete for prizes with presentations in three categories: Drama/Song, Banner and Poetry.

Sports is a highly valued past time and most of the events will also involve sports where both school and adult teams from the community compete. The schools will set up tuck shops and cake sales of which proceeds will go to the school, and trees will be planted at the primary schools by the entire community. Refreshments will be provided, and transportation will be given to residents of the communities which are up to 15-kilometers away.