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The Foundation shares information on best practice models so that our methods are globally relevant and can be as successful as possible.


We partner with several organisations:

Gobal Development Group

GDG_Logo_TranspThe Global Development Group, an Australian NGO approved by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, is our main partner for fundraising on an international basis. We are a partner for Project J945N – African Bush Camps Community Empowerment. See our How to Donate page for more information.


Elefence International


Elefence International is committed to helping resolve the human-wildlife conflict in Africa by protecting the endangered ecosystem that sustains both the local people and wild animals. 


Hwange Lion Research


The Hwange Lion Research (HLR) project which started in 1999, is conducted under the auspices of the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WILDCRU) at the University of Oxford, UK. The project has so successfully contributed to the study and conservation of lions.


Family Impact

1242Family Impact is a Christian faith-based organisation which supports communities, churches and companies in their response to HIV and AIDS as well as individuals and families in their quest for positive moral living. We recognize the family as the centre of community wellbeing and aim to create social transformation through training and equipping people with appropriate resources


Friends of Hwange

FoHwaTheir aims are to develop and maintain water resources in Hwange National Park for the benefit of its wildlife, in collaboration with the Authorities responsible for the Park. To develop and maintain opportunities for the conservation and sustainable utilisation of natural resources in the Park so that it will be enjoyed by the generations to come. To assist in the attainment of national objectives for wildlife conservation, with particular reference to Hwange National Park.


Soft Foot Alliance Trust

Soft Foot Alliance Trust_LogoThe Soft Foot Alliance serve to design and implement long-term, sustainable solutions that promote human-wildlife co-existence. Lion, Hyena, Elephant, Baboon and Honey Badger are the main focal species as the impact people’s livelihoods on the boundaries of Hwange National Park.



LemonAID Warriors

LemonAid Warriors_logoOur LemonAid Warriors are making an impact by making social activism a part of our social lives. Founder Lulu Cerone’s PhilanthroParty concepts and passion to provide access to education for every child is the basis of our partnership. Through this she has spread awareness of our projects and supported a range of our education programs.


Friends of Shamwari


We are a small nimble organisation that acts as a coordinator to bring the larger established charitable organisations to this part of the world, where they are not welcome or permitted to operate. We want to remain small and effective so that we can go where others might not be able to reach. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, we assist the well-known, experienced charities in bringing their knowledge and established capabilities to Zimbabwe


Hwange Conservation Society

header1 Our aim is to support the National park and its environs by raising funds which are used to help protect the wildlife and support the surrounding community with such things as medical supplies, and school equipment.


Jane Bubear Sports Foundation

jvThe JBSF believes that the possibilities for giving young people a real boost through the donation of sports kit are virtually limitless.


Pack for a Purpose


Our mission is to positively impact communities around the world by assisting travellers who want to bring meaningful contributions to the destinations they visit.


Painted Dog Conservation


The Painted Dog population in Zimbabwe is one of the last strongholds of the species and we are committed to their conservation. Our conservation methods and our work with the local communities are beginning to have a positive effect on the outlook of the Painted Dog species.


Precious Life Foundation


At Precious Life, young women have access to healthcare, support, counselling and assistance with their babies while at the same time gaining skills and employment to support themselves.


Wildlife Environment Zimbabwe (WEZ)

h5-41To encourage and assist all people of Zimbabwe to understand the importance of wildlife and the environment and to conserve Zimbabwe’s natural resources for the well-being of current and future generations and to ensure that the utilisation of these natural resources is fair and sustainable

… and many more