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Mambanje Community Satellite High School

Mambanje is one of the most remote and underdeveloped communities in the Hwange Region of Zimbabwe, the Mambanje Community has identified education as a critical need for their development.

Mambanje Mobile Cattle Boma Initiative

African Bush Camps Foundation have partnered over the years with Elefence International and we have received their tremendous support in Conversation and Community Infrastructure in and around Hwange National Park, from funding Solar Powered water pumps at desperate waterholes...

Kavimba Hardware Shop

Kavimba Community Partnership to Improve the Livelihood of Members of the Community   THE CHALLENGE – Although Botswana ranks amongst the countries with a high GDP is Southern Africa, the levels of poverty and unemployment is very high amongst...

Community Project Visit Hwange National Park – Somalisa

We partner with communities on the outskirts of wildlife areas to become economically sustainable whilst ensuring that natural resources are protected and cared for.   We believe that by partnering with these communities in establishing sustainable programs of education,...

Rainbow Blaze Marimba Band

Rainbow Blaze Marimba Band’s soul is heard when they play their memorable tunes, African Bush Camps Foundation has partnered with this Group to reach out and teach children Marimba's and for the first time giving the young learners access...

Vuche Vuche Craft Project Mabele

The aim of this project is to create employment for women who were either not employed or only employed on a part time basis, but who had financial obligations to their families.


We have partnered with a local Bulawayo organization ‘Precious Life Foundation’ which identifies vulnerable girls and women from difficult backgrounds and together we place them in 6 month Internships in Zimbabwe in the Hospitality Industry.

Life Skills

Life skills equip students to thrive in the classroom and the world beyond.