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Water and Energy are precious resources that are too often in short supply in arid Africa. The Foundation seeks to put the best environmental methods into practice in each of our safari camps, from solar-powered waterholes to basic energy conservation programmes. Outside the camps, we work with the surrounding communities to educate both elders and children how to conserve the land while implementing sustainable land-use practices.


The Programmes

Mambanje Mobile Cattle Boma Initiative

African Bush Camps Foundation have partnered over the years with Elefence International and we have received their tremendous support in Conversation and Community Infrastructure in and around Hwange National Park, from funding Solar Powered water pumps at desperate waterholes...

Mambanje Solar Borehole

Mambanje is an impoverished rural community that relies on a diesel-driven borehole for water. Funding issues make it difficult to keep the borehole running, but solar power offers a sustainable alternative.

Hwange H2O Campaign

The "H2O Hwange" Campaign supports the ongoing efforts to ensure adequate water sources are available for drought-stricken wildlife in Hwange National Park.