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The Foundation’s Community Empowerment Projects stem from expertise within the community, and are nurtured and developed locally. Communities are encouraged to train and support each other through capacity building – eliminating the need for highly paid specialists or staff. This in turn allows for communities to have sole ownership of projects, making them self-sustaining and independent, whilst also promoting community spirit.


The projects are based on a micro-finance model, where the initial investment is paid back as part of the business plan and then used to either expand the current project or alternatively pass the capital onto another group or community to start a new project, on a revolving funding basis.

The Foundation also uses the programmes as a platform to provide education to members of the community about how to run a successful business and how to use environmentally sustainable practices.

Video: A brief look at some of our Community Empowerment projects

Community Empowerment Projects with the African Bush Camps Foundation
from African Bush Camps Vimeo Channel.

The Programmes

Goats for Education Project

Providing opportunities for children and their families to take school funding into their own hands, and reinforce active participation in their own development.

Kavimba Hardware Shop

Kavimba Community Partnership to Improve the Livelihood of Members of the Community   THE CHALLENGE – Although Botswana ranks amongst the countries with a high GDP is Southern Africa, the levels of poverty and unemployment is very high amongst...

Community Project Visit Hwange National Park – Somalisa

We partner with communities on the outskirts of wildlife areas to become economically sustainable whilst ensuring that natural resources are protected and cared for.   We believe that by partnering with these communities in establishing sustainable programs of education,...

Vuche Vuche Craft Project Mabele

The aim of this project is to create employment for women who were either not employed or only employed on a part time basis, but who had financial obligations to their families.

Mambanje School Tuck Shop

In partnership with parents from the school, the Foundation assisted with the launch of the Mambanje tuck shop in 2012, bringing a much needed convenience to the rural community with profits benefiting the Primary School.

Hwange Main Camp Tuck Shop

With assistance from the Foundation, the Hwange Main Camp Tuck Shop was successfully launched in 2012. Profits benefit the local Primary School.

Vukani Group

The Vukani Group is a group of 16 people who started an Income-Generation Project in 2010, including an organic vegetable garden and a beading and jewelry-making project.

Thandanani Sewing Project

The Thandanani Sewing Project is a group of ten women that came together in 2009 to form a new business venture with just three sewing machines owned between them.