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Khwai Pre-School

The Foundation seeks to establish a school in this rural Botswana village.

High School Scholarships

We believe that through education, we can empower children to realize their potential and become leaders in their community. We identify those who show willingness and potential but because of their vulnerable states are at risk of dropping out...

Sponsor a Teacher

Rural Schools in Africa and Zimbabwe are often understaffed, but through fundraising the Foundation is able to put extra teachers to work for as little as $300 a month.

Mambanje Solar Borehole

Mambanje is an impoverished rural community that relies on a diesel-driven borehole for water. Funding issues make it difficult to keep the borehole running, but solar power offers a sustainable alternative.

Hwange H2O Campaign

The "H2O Hwange" Campaign supports the ongoing efforts to ensure adequate water sources are available for drought-stricken wildlife in Hwange National Park.

Mambanje School Tuck Shop

In partnership with parents from the school, the Foundation assisted with the launch of the Mambanje tuck shop in 2012, bringing a much needed convenience to the rural community with profits benefiting the Primary School.

Hwange Main Camp Tuck Shop

With assistance from the Foundation, the Hwange Main Camp Tuck Shop was successfully launched in 2012. Profits benefit the local Primary School.

Vukani Group

The Vukani Group is a group of 16 people who started an Income-Generation Project in 2010, including an organic vegetable garden and a beading and jewelry-making project.

Thandanani Sewing Project

The Thandanani Sewing Project is a group of ten women that came together in 2009 to form a new business venture with just three sewing machines owned between them.

Mambanje Primary School

The Foundation supports 69 orphans and vulnerable children at the school, where just $45 will pay for an entire year of education.