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A positive new year has begun and with it the start of the First Term. Many bright minds have returned to school, one year older and into a higher grade or form.

Hwange Main Camp & Mambanje Primary Schools

At Hwange Main Camp this year The African Bush Camps Foundation are supporting 36 students from grade 1 to 7. At Mambanje Primary School we are supporting 79 children, all of these children are orphans or they come from a vulnerable back ground. These two schools are adjacent to Hwange National Park. At both schools we are again this year providing an extra teacher who works full time with the school and gets involved in uplifting the communities.

Hwange Main Camp Primary school came second place in the district in 2013, a wonderful achievement for all the students and the community alike. We have been working with Main Camp Primary for 6 years now and 2013 saw the introduction of Happy Reader books for grade 1 and 2. The community also match our donation of a teacher with three of their own, investing in their own students and seeing the results and value from that. There was a 0% drop out rate for students continuing to high school in 2014 and for the second year running we saw all of the orphan’s and vulnerable students from Primary school being sponsored through into High School by their respective sponsors, a great success in the relationships being built. It is also a great motivation for children to do well in Primary School knowing that their education will not end there but that they have the support to continue into high school. Each year we support children by helping them with school fees, uniforms and providing groceries for relatives caring for orphan’s – here are some further ideas of how you can help Hwange Main School children….

Main Camp Primary School List of Needs 2014

• Stationary and IT – Two cameras and/or iPads (iPads with screen protectors and covers/cases), Laptops, Pens and pencils, Crayons, Educational Toys, Cartridge for printer, Bond paper, Pens for teachers, Rulers, Exercise books, Wall Clocks, reading novels

• Sports Equipment – Soccer and Netball kits (boots and balls, bibs, cones, whistle) shoes, , Balls bags, High jump landing mattress, Relay batons,
• Other general needs – Weight scale, Thermometers, Rain gauge, First aid kits

The School went from a 0% pass rate to a 15% pass rate in 2013 with the use of Happy Readers and with the support of African Bush Camps Foundation. In 2014 we are raising money to purchase more Happy Readers for the school to use in educating children, follow this link to see how you can get involved…..

Mambanje Community Development and Solar Project


Mambanje Community is one of the most remote communities in the greater Hwange area but also in very close proximity to the National Park, making it a very vulnerable community with regards to human/animal conflict. We embarked on a large range of grassroots development projects with the community in 2013 including improving the grade 7-pass rate of the school (which went from 0% in 2012 to 15% in 2013). Already the school is realizing these benefits with all classrooms now having doors, keeping the livestock out of the classrooms and meaning they can now secure their materials, 120 window’s were also repaired and each classroom has received new furniture that that each child has a desk and chair to work on.


Our aim for 2014 is to assist the school and community with building adequate accommodation for teachers, building another classroom block so that each grade has its own classroom, building a road to the community and school and in partnership with Elefence International, installing a solar pump for the borehole which is currently not productive with a hand pump and at the same time providing the school with solar power for the classrooms and the teachers accommodation.
Once the school has a safe and reliable water source, they can also pursue other projects such as nutrition gardens and will also means that they can attract permanent teachers as currently teachers are only on one-term contracts, making it very challenging for the school to maintain any kind of sustainable development.

High School Scholarship Students

This year we have a total of 38 High School Scholarship students in our program. In 2013 we saw our older students participating in our community events, learning to be leaders in their own communities and becoming mentors to the younger scholarship students. We had several students do work experience over the

December holidays which was a great success with two of our students going to Somalisa Camp for a week. Encouraged by the enthusiasm that the students came back with, plans are in place to develop and expand these opportunities in 2014 broadening the horizons of our students.

Candy Maposa

Candy Maposa

We are also very proud the students who sat their O levels exams in November 2013 who’s results have just been released, with special congratulations to Candy Maphosa who reached the highest score of 6 A’s and three C’s, a remarkable effort.

Mambanje is a very isolated school in Zimbabwe with the nearest High School being 14km away with children having to walk a 28km round trip every day just to attend school. 2014 marks our third year of offering high school scholarships to the Mambanje students with a total of 6 young learners at Boarding School this year. They are the first students from the community to attend Boarding Schools and not only do they inspire the other primary school students but they really are the hope of the future for the community.

Mambanje Boarding Students

Mambanje Boarding Students

We aim to hold a Leadership Training Camp in 2014 for the 38 scholarship students to further develop their skills and opportunities for the future. Fundraising for this is currently underway.

*Below is a list of our High School Students and how much each student needs a year to provide School Fees, Uniforms, Stationery and Groceries.


Emmanuel Rabecka Form 6 Plumtree High School $2,154.00 Sponsored
Rutendo Mangwana Form 6 Eveline High School $399.00
Bothwell Mhlanga Form 5 Binga Day School $765.00
Candy Maposa Form 5 Fatima High School $735.00
Shephard Timba Form 5 Masvingo Christian College $512.00
Sibongile Siziba Form 5 Denmak Training Services $976.00
Lesley Tshabalala Form 4 Binga High School $1,270.00
Terrence Sibanda Form 4 Nechilibi Secondary School $484.00
Nomore Chirimbiza Form 4 Nechilibi Secondary School $484.00
Duncan Marufu Form 4 Binga High School $484.00
Linda Pakhamisa Form 3 Binga High School $1,146.00
Shamila Dladla Form 3 Nchelibi High School $300.00
Roline Ncube Form 3 Manunure High School $210.00
Precious Dube Form 3 Fatima High School $1,320.00
Fortune Bitu Form 3 Binga High School $1,146.00
Artwell Mhlanga Form 3 Binga High School $1,146.00
Cuthbert Tshuma Form 3 Fatima High School $1,320.00
Cynthia Nyoni Form 3 Fatima High School $1,320.00
Edith Tshuma Form 2 Binga High School $1,146.00
Agrippa Sibanda Form 2 Binga High School $1,146.00
Isabel Mathe Form 2 Binga High School $1,146.00
Felistas Nkomo Form 2 Fatima High School $1,320.00
Phiwe Dube Form 2 Whitewaters Sec School $210.00
Peter Luphahla Form 2 Binga High School $1,206.00
Silethemba Ndlovu Form 2 Binga High School $1,206.00
Blessing Siziba Form 2 Magwegwe High $240.00 Sponsored
Sinikiwe Sibanda Form 2 Nechilibi Secondary School $930.00 Sponsored
Siphathisiwe Ncube Form 2 Nechilibi Secondary School $510.00 Sponsored
Tinevimbo Mukando Form 2 Nechilibi Secondary School $510.00 Sponsored
Malcolm Ngwenya Form 1 Fatima High School $1,710.00
Kudzai Bitu Form 1 Fatima High $1,700.00 Sponsored
Priviledge Khumalo Form 1 Fatima High $1,830.00
Rudolf Nyoni Form 1 Fatima High $1,704.00
Kudzai Masiya Form 1 Binga High School $1,200.00 Sponsored
Denzel Manditereza Form 1 Fatima High School $1,200.00 Sponsored
Leeroy Shoko Form 1 Binga High School $1,200.00 Sponsored
Antonette Siziba Form 1 Lobengula Secondary School $1,303.00 Sponsored
Mbekelezi Muleya Form 1 Detema Secondary $1,200.00 Sponsored