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30 September, 2016
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Join us:

Botswana got its independence in 1966 and this year the country will mark its 50th anniversary celebration in style.


In the Chobe district of Botswana, the African Bush Camps Foundation has partnered with the local community to mark this important date, bringing communities together and celebrating the beautiful people and wildlife of the Chobe District.

The Botswana people always celebrate Independence with pride because of their beautiful and united country. This year the people of the Chobe enclave villages will be entertained with the Independence Soccer championship and the Miss Chobe event.

African Bush Camps Foundation as a part of the Botswana family celebrates independence every year through the Sporting Tournament. This year’s tournament is bigger and better with the Foundation putting more resources towards the celebrations that will stretch over 5 days and include 12 soccer clubs, 12 primary schools and 2 woman soccer clubs and netball teams participating.


All the knockout games will start on the 16th of July 2016 and all roads will be leading to the Chobe Stadium.