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22 November, 2013
08:00 am
Mambanje Primary School, Join us

Join us:

The Day began with commemorating National Tree planting Day after Rainbow blaze lead the crowd in the National Anthem with their Marimbas.

Club President ophoto1f the Victoria Falls Rotary Club, Hudson Mtomba planted a tree,photosignifying the start of the growth of the Mambanje’s relationship with Rotary. African Bush Camps have partnered with Elefence International to put up a solar panel to pump water in Hwange National Park, this was completed in December 2013. The International president and co-founder of Elefence, Dick Houston, was with us to enjoy the prize giving and he planted a Marula tree. 


The Grade 0’s were dressed up in their robes and hats for their Celebration and Mambanje Primary’s best performers entertained the crowds before the Prize giving began.


Local MP, Mr T. Sansole was guest of honor, and awarder of prizes. Denzel Mathe received first prize for grade 7. Here Mr Sansole hands a prize to Priveledge Khumalo, second prize winner from Grade 7.

IMG_1845IMG_1863IMG_1873Witnessing the parents, families and community celebrate the achievements of their children is truly heartwarming.


Sibongile Siziba (wearing yellow), who has been on scholarship with the African Bush Camps Foundation since 2008 and has just completed writing her O level examinations, assisted with the prize giving day. The High School Scholarship students are taught to mentor the younger students and to encourage and inspire the Primary School Students to work diligently for the scholarships offered for high school. They are also expected to serve within their communities where possible, learning to give back and become responsible and valued members in their community from a young age.


Rainbow Blaze, a Bulawayo group of Marimba players who we have been working with in the high density suburbs of Bulawayo played the marimbas which the audience really enjoyed. Ingonyama, Dete’s well known group of singers, dancers and animal impersonators also participated in the day, being a part of the entertainment. Animal impersonations are their specialty, their uncanny ability to bring the spirit of the animals into the performance moves young and old alike. Both groups gave generously of their time and effort to make the Prize Giving day for Mambanje a successful one.