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01 October, 2013
USA, Join us

Join us:

About this event

The African Bush Camps Foundation relies entirely on the goodwill of global citizens who generously support our programmes with donations, goods and time.

“It takes a Village to raise a Child.” – Hillary Clinton

But we believe that it is essential to continue to share the news about our programmes, progress and to meet new people who may be able to assist us achieve our vision.

Our annual African Bush Camps Foundation workshops will be held in several locations across the USA during the month of October 2013, and will cover:

  • Our background, approach and partnerships
  • Our work – by initiative, project and region
  • How to get involved – through donations, by sponsoring an event or even a student or teacher

Who should attend?

Anyone looking to promote sustainable tourism by making real and lasting change in the lives of people living in rural Africa.