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We recently joined up with Liomba Mathe from the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WILDCRU) Hwange Lion Research Project and his team of Long Shields Lion Guardians and some Mambanje and Machonisa area community members to put up the 4th mobile cattle boma to serve the area and ensure that no household that is part of the program has to walk more than a kilometre to their nearest boma. The project has grown to incorporate nearly 40 households with an approximate total of 380 cattle. The bomas have been a hit with more neighbouring villages requesting for them to help protect their cattle, fertilise their farming land, and inspire them to think about holistic land management. Read more about the Cattle Boma Project and they work here.

Cattle Boma1

Initial stages of digging and measuring the boma site.

Cattle Boma2

Raising the boma sheet and securing it with hooks all round. There is extra strengthening around the corners to make sure the boma does not collapse.

Mr Dube

Mr. Dube is a happy man. He has eight beasts and his field is the first in line to host the 4th boma in the village.

Cattle Boma 3

The team that came together to put the boma up. The boma currently has 9 households registered to use it with a total of 76 cattle.

Cattle Boma 4

We also visited the site of the Mambanje cattle crush which has had some additional work done on it. All cattle in the boma program also receive veterinary care.