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African Bush Camps Foundation in partnership with Precious Life Foundation have been running Internships at Kanga & Somalisa Camp since 2012. Young women from Vulnerable backgrounds do a three month theory in hospitality and then a six month industry placement within Zimbabwe. Two young women go into each camp every season to learn about the working world, and gain some experience in hospitality.

The ladies work their way through the various departments, housekeeping, kitchen, storekeeping, waitering and front of house. Having these young women in camp can be a huge asset when its gets busy when trained and supported well.

We are so excited that this year both Kanga and Somalisa are hiring one of their 2014’s Precious Life students each, Thenjiwe and Patience.

At Somalisa they have hired Thenjiwe who really proved herself to the Team and she will be working in the Stores Department. Her dream is to one day become a hostess and then become a Camp Manager.


When asked …
Q. Where you excited and surprised to be asked to join our team at Somalisa?
A. “Yes! I was very excited because I didn’t think I was going to come back again. I failed even to cry because of happiness. I thought maybe I was dreaming”
Q. How do you think this job will affect your life and your family back home?
A. “This job has opened many doors for me. I am now able to help my mum look after my family, by providing money which I was not able to do until now. I see a brighter future to my family as I will start saving to take my children to school.”


At Kanga, Patience is joining the team after proving herself an indispensable asset to their team when she was doing her internship in 2014. She is also joining the Stores Department.


When asked …
Q. What do you love most about working at Kanga?
A. “The Place and the other Staff Members”
Q. How do you think this job will affect your life and your family back home?
A. “This job is so important to me as it will make me Survive”

Good luck to Thenjiwe and Patience in their new careers and we look forward to watching you grow from strength to strength. You will be women to look up to for the future internees.