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Khwai village is situated on the Northern Boundary of the Moremi National Park in Botswana.The village is situated in the heart of a diverse wildlife area and the people live amongst the animals with amazing success.



The village does not have a school, and the children have to travel to larger villages and towns which are a couple of hours away by road to get an education. The young children usually live with their grandparents in the village whilst their parents work in the Photographic Safari Industry, in larger towns and are only home for short intervals. We have joined with the community to work together in setting up a Pre-School for the children of the area.


We had various meetings with the community and there was a great feeling of positivity among the villagers, and we look forward to setting up this school as soon as possible and getting these sweet children into a learning environment where they can grow and bloom into happy and confident individuals.


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