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On the 22nd December on the way into Somalisa Camp a property of African Bush Camps, the Bennet family had booked a Village Visit.


Their first port of call was Mr Road F Mathe ‘s homestead where the guests were warmly received and entertained by the host telling them how, as Africans they live and their source of livelihood through various activities that mainly includes subsistence farming . As it is a farming season he took them through to the fields and explained how they do their farming and what sort of crops they cultivate. He further took them around his huts and house and explained the setup of the huts, traditional foods like okra (idelele) was cooked to show the guests the original African traditional dish. The children had fun playing netball with the their guests children and friends from the community as Mr Mathe cracked jokes and they all really enjoyed the feel of African culture .
Vukani was the first project to be visited Brighton hosted the guests first with a brief background history of the group and the aims and objectives of the group. He also explained how their products are made as he demonstrated to them. At Thandanani , Sandra showed the visitors their sewn products.

Last port of call was Hwange Main camp primary school, where the kids welcomed the guests through playing marimbas and the guests loved the tunes. The Children joined in as they wanted to learn how to play the marimba. The teachers explained to the guests the running of the school, the successes and challenges faced by the school and the good work by ABC Foundation in trying to improve the school and education in the area from junior school to high school .