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During the Month of May four young ladies set off from Bulawayo to the National Parks of Zimbabwe to spend a season with African Bush Camps gaining experience whilst doing their Hospitality and Catering attachment in the Tourism Industry which is required for them to graduate their studies.


African Bush Camps Foundation partnered with the Precious Life Foundation in 2012 and we have had 5 students participate in the 6 month internship so far. This year Thenjiwe and Pamela joined the Somalisa Team and Patience and Joanna have become part of the Kanga Team.

At each camp, one lady has gone into the Housekeeping Department and the other is learning to cook up delicious meals in the Kitchen. They are being supervised by the heads of department and doing very well. Next month they will swop departments so that the ladies get a very well rounded experience of all the departments that keep a Safari Camp going.

The ladies sent in letters describing their first impressions of being in the camps,

“It was my hope to be at Mana Pools, I am very pleased to be here for my attachment. Only I am scared of the environment whereby you live with wild animals, which I have never experienced before.  I was really welcomed and I now feel at home.

I started to train in the House Keeping department, and I really like it. Mr Nyahuma taught me to do the turn downs for guests beds, how to clean discomfort areas and to maintain high standards of cleanliness which I am now able to do by myself.” – Joanna

Joanna's doing Guest Turn Downs

Joanna doing Guest Turn Downs

“The workers out here are very friendly. When I am alone I think about my family and miss them. It is very good to be in Kanga because I am experiencing a lot, I now know how to make muffins, green salad and fish fingers.  Hope to know how to do everything in the Kitchen by the end of the month.” – Patience

Patience's Fresh Bread Rolls

Patience’s Fresh Bread Rolls

“We had a nice journey to camp, I saw many animals like Elephant, Zebra, Kudu and Giraffe wooooo!!! I met Yvonne our mentor and she is very friendly. I like this place very much. I am now working in the Kitchen and Chef Sendy is teaching me to bake Swiss Rolls and Cheese Cake.” – Pamela

Pamela learning from Chef Sendy

Pamela learning from Chef Sendy

“We had a nice and safe journey to the National Park where we were met by the guide from Somalisa who took us into camp. It is good staying here and seeing the animals, I have not seen wild Elephants, Giraffe and zebra before. I am doing housekeeping this month and I am loving my job, but I don’t like carrying the bags. I would like to thank Sis MaNdee for taking her time to teach me. I am now able to clean thoroughly and make a bed properly. I am still scared of the animals tho. We do guest turn downs at night and use torches.” – Thenjiwe

Thenjiwe hanging washing.

Thenjiwe hanging washing.

We hope they have a fantastic season and when the year is done, move forward into the future with experience, many good memories and a firm grounding to become strong Independent Women in the Zimbabwean Tourism Industry.

Guests and Staff watch a Lion from Somalisa Acacia

Guests and Staff watch a Lion from Somalisa Acacia