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The Foundation supports vulnerable children within primary schools as well as AIDS orphans through scholarships and funding for secondary schooling. The top-performing students from the impoverished communities that the Foundation has partnered with receive full scholarships to the best Boarding High School that they can gain entrance to in Zimbabwe.

Due to the challenges the families caring for the orphan’s face, many of these students would have dropped out of school by now without this assistance. We also aim to provide them with guidance and support in all areas of their lives which influence their physical and mental well being and therefore performance at school.
The Foundation has partnered with Family Impact who do Lifeskills training which equip students to thrive in the classroom and the world beyond and cover topics like flexibility, initiative, social skills, productivity and leadership:

Flexibility— How to set goals, seek answers, navigate information, collaborate with others, create something, evaluate your work, improve and share it.
Initiative—How to question, plan, research, create, improve and present.
Social Skills—How to cooperate, compromise, make decisions, communicate, use emotional intelligence, use constructive criticism, trust others, deliver on promises, and coordinate work.
Productivity—How to set goals, plan, manage your time, research, develop, evaluate, revise and apply yourself.
Leadership —How to identify goals, inspire others, organise a group, resolve conflicts, encourage and help a group reach goals / improve performance and give credit where it is due. This is an integral part of our mentorship program where the older students support the younger students on the scholarship program.

This April we took the 49 students to Shalom Campsite in the Matopos for their first ever Leadership Camp.
We watched the Young Adults grow as individuals and as leaders right before our eyes. They did intensive sessions where they learnt about using their pasts as a spring board to reach new heights in their futures and Team building which formed tighter bonds between the children. They also did activities that challenged their fears like Canoeing, Zip Wire, Water Slide and Horse Riding.


All the children attempted the activities and were so brave, when they were quite frightened. Many of these children have never swum before and it was amazing watching them put on the life jackets and attempt to Canoe in the Dam at Shalom, even more amazing was to see them get out of the canoe at the end and swim about in the shallows all on their own with complete abandon.


We had a wonderful prize giving where we had Felistas Nkomo winning the ‘Most Improved’ prize, Cuthbert Tshuma won the prize for ‘Best Mentor’ and the ‘Encouragement’ awards went to Silethemba Ndlovu and Mbekelezi Muleya. Terrence Sibanda won a Leadership Prize and Linda Pakhamisa won the ‘Bravest Zip Wire’ prize. Well done to all our students and we hope you continue to shine.


Thanks go to Gilson Mutanga and his fabulous team from Family Impact Zimbabwe, you are all so good at what you do. The children were asking to have a camp every week of the year. Shalom Campsite is a super place with great facilities and we thank you for hosting us. We would also like to thank Mr Masuku and Mr Phiri, the community liaison officers of African Bush Camps Foundation, for your hard work and involvement in these children’s lives.


Can’t wait for next years camp!!!