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Devon Concar – Digital Communications Coordinator
Digital Communications Coordinator

Digital Communications Coordinator

South African born, Devon has worked since 2007 to build a career within the Responsible Tourism Industry. After having qualified with a degree in Tourism Development from the University of Johannesburg, he travelled to England and began gaining experience in how travel to the African continent is communicated. Following time in Greece and working as Manager of the award-winning Nkwichi Lodge on the shores of Lake Malawi in Mozambique, Devon naturally tended towards the resultant value that inbound travel could hold for rural areas and was Community Projects Manager for the Manda Wilderness Community Trust. After gaining experience in the complex world of African development & Conservation, Devon identified the need for effective communication of the efforts behind responsible tourism and spend years upskilling in this realm.

He joined the African Bush Camps team in 2015,  and worked for over 2 years on innovative marketing campaigns for the authentic camps and safaris run by the group.  In 2017 he moved across to focus on The Foundation, realising the value in communicating the efforts on the ground as an effective way to support both the community development and conservation initiatives as well as speak to the discerning travellers wanting to experience an authentic African safari and leave a lasting positive impact within the areas they visit.

Devon is an ecologically conscious social development enthusiast, involved in projects ranging from Urban Greening Programmes and Community Engagement “ideas worth sharing” platforms in Cape Town, South Africa.