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As we start 2017 we would like to thank all who have supported our African Bush Camps Foundation either by responding to our kids sponsorship 2016 Christmas appeal, doing village tours, donating towards our needs list posted on our website and so on. We would also want to say a big thank you for all those who made purchases from our various camps and supported community projects.  Also a big thank to all those who have continued to support us by telling their friends and family how visiting our properties benefits the communities nearest to where we operate.

December 2016 Vukani and Thandanani  Update

The Vukani group makes napkin rings that are made from their famous paper beads. Somalisa recently purchased more to use in camp. They are available in our trading post for sale.

All proceeds for Thandanani and Vukani go back to the men and women who form part of the projects.


A dining table at Somalisa Camp using Vukani Napkin rings


Jewellery from Vukani

We have also received gowns and bags from Thandanani and these will be available for sale in our trading posts.

Thandanani Robes

Thandanani products available in African Bush Camp properties. We have sizes for everyone and are made form both men and women! Bags made with beautiful African prints and are available in different sizes.


Mhlalisi the Zimbabwe Projects Coordinator with Thandanani Ladies.