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Marimba Concert Bringing Together Children with a Love for Music

In 2010 Rainbow Blaze Marimba Band embarked on a collaboration with the Zimbabwe Academy of Music to bring together children from Matabeleland, Zimbabwe’s schools lacking music facilities or exposure, to the Academy in Bulawayo to learn, enjoy and experience music.

In 2013 the African Bush Camps Foundation embarked on its first “in-schools” program, focusing on the local Youth Centers in the high-density suburbs of Bulawayo, with the goal of bringing people together and strengthening the sense of community. The Foundation teamed up with Rainbow Blaze to hold lessons and workshops at schools in and around Bulawayo and surrounding areas, reaching as far as Hwange, Plumtree and Gwanda. In the past year, the program has grown in strength to include 10 schools, providing opportunities to hundreds of children who would otherwise not have had access to music lessons.

In 2013 African Bush Camps Foundation organized and funded two trips for Rainbow Blaze to visit Hwange Main Camp Primary to provide workshops as well as to repair their Marimba instruments so that the Hwange Main Camp Marimba Band could finally have a full set of five instruments to play on (several of the aged sets were only partially functional). In addition to providing the Hwange students with the opportunity to express themselves creatively, The Hwange Marimba Band also plays an essential part of the fundraising activities for the school, playing at the Hwange National Park Restaurant for visitors.  Funds raised go towards buying necessary food and stationery supplies for the school.


On the April 11th, 2014, Hwange Marimba Band attended the Rainbow Blaze Marimba Concert for Primary Schools for the first time. The concert was attended by more than 100 children from eight different schools from as far away as Hwange.  The bands convened in Bulawayo to forge new friendships and to show off their Marimba skills and learn new techniques from each other. The band members and their families watched each other’s performances with rapt attention, more often than not singing along to the catchy tunes and rhythms and dancing in their seats (and often out of them too!). The Hwange Main Camp band was the first to perform, showing absolutely no stage fright and complete professionalism. It was a treat to watch the flawless execution of the work that they have been working so hard on!  Their cohesion showed their ability to work together as a team and that hard work can lead to great results! Bravo!


Watch the Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es96slqfp8s