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A fantastic recent push for an initiative to provide solar lighting for students has been seen in Mambanje Village. Through our School Solar Lights Project, the provision of 28 solar lights was recently made for students at Mambanje Primary School to enable them to study at home, at night time.

To date we have helped sensitize parents and guardians of Grade 6-7 students on the importance of giving their children room to study, not overwhelm them with chores as well as the importance of being involved in their children’s school lives. The parents and guardians were made aware that the solar donations are meant to facilitate access to reading opportunities in the evenings for the children to enhance their studies. Twenty-eight solar lights were recently distributed to both the Grade 6 and Grade 7 classes at Mambanje Primary School, and more will be distributed to the Grades 5 once we have enough lights to cover the whole class.

Our Trust Manager briefing Mambanje parents on the importance of allowing study time for their children

Working closely with school administration, we have put in place supportive mechanisms to ensure that we achieve the following within the coming year:

  1. Increased homework and its execution due to the availability of solar-powered lights.
  2. Increased fluency in reading and writing aptitude
  3. Better performance academically when compared to other schools with similar backgrounds and environments
  4. General eagerness for school activities given the benefits surrounding the Foundation’s interface
  5. Increased overall performance in the school’s pass rate for 2018

Watch a video of Mambanje School Teachers explaining why this initiative is so helpful for their students.

Solar lights being handed over to students and parents

The solar lights donated coupled with other ongoing interventions will help improve the student’s lives and ensure that the quality of education is improved, thus translating to a positive outlook with regard to the pass rate. Continued support will ensure that the Mambanje Primary School is strengthened and capacitated at the grass-root level, thus guaranteeing a breed of a goal-oriented generation that will help the Mambanje village exhibit some development in its essence.

28 Solar Lights to the Grade 6 & 7 Students, hold a thank you note to the primary donor for this project thus far