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We partner with communities on the outskirts of wildlife areas to become economically sustainable whilst ensuring that natural resources are protected and cared for.


We believe that by partnering with these communities in establishing sustainable programs of education, income-generation, conservation awareness and holding community events, we can together improve the communal quality of life and achieve long term conservation through responsible tourism.


We were thrilled to host Alexis and Stan Kensinger from Colorado Springs USA. They were staying at Somalisa Camp in Hwange National Park and chose to take sometime out of their Safari and spend it with the local people.

They first travelled to Mambanje, the remote Primary School that we support , they had a lot of fun with the children and they later were treated to a meal that was cooked by one of the village families. They were very impressed with the progress at Mambanje school and are very happy to help out and see the school progress even further.


A quick visit to the Thandnani and Vukani groups who are the Community Empowerment projects that African Bush Camps Foundation has supported over the years. These groups are made up of people from the community who do not have an alternative income, they are widowed, single parents or people looking at providing support for their numerous dependants in their families. Both groups have gone from strength to strength and are creating a wide variety of wares that guests can purchase on a visit to Dete.



Alexis and Stan lastly ended at Main Camp Primary school and they joined the kids dancing and were also given a lesson by the children on how to play the marimbas. Alexis was mostly interested in the school as she comes from an educational background.


When they went to Gogos (elderly grandmother) house to have lunch she danced around with joy and explained to the guests that she was very happy to have visitors as it is a sign that she has a home that is welcoming and she was vey happy to have us.


If you are travelling to one of our Lodges, speak to your consultant and enquire about visiting the rural villages and getting a local perspective on the area you are travelling to, we would love to meet you!