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The African Bush Camp Foundation currently supports 29 orphans and vulnerable children with High School Scholarships. Since the inception of our scholarship program in 2008, our graduating Primary School Scholarship students from Hwange Main Camp and Mambanje Primary Schools compete for four full scholarships to the best boarding school they can gain entrance to in Zimbabwe.

ABCF is proud to be supporting Candy Maposa who has recently been accepted at the University of Science and Technology to study towards her BSc. Degree in Forestry and Wildlife Resources Management. Candy was the top performing girl in her Grade 7 class at Main Camp in 2009 and one of the top achievers in her “O” Level class in 2013 where she managed to get amazing results of 6 ‘A’ grades and 4 ‘C’ grades. She went on to pass her “A” levels where she was studying Agriculture, Biology and Geography.

Candy’s story represents the ideal support we would like to offer to girls and young ladies throughout our operational areas of Dete in Zimbabwe. Statistics gathered over the years indicate that there are many young girls who would like to brighten their futures by accessing an education through school and develop a professional career but are inhibited by the unavailability of support for school fees, school uniforms, distances to school (in particular secondary schools which are few and far between), access to sanitary pads, supportive mentoring systems, early pregnancies, marriages and uneven gender roles. All this amongst a host of other factors present themselves as the daily challenges that young girls face in the rural communities, hence the Foundations’ appeal for support of schooling fees so that we can keep as many girls in school as possible.


Candy was born on 26 January 1997. Her father works for Hwange National Parks at the Main Camp restaurant whilst her mother is unemployed. She has 3 siblings; her oldest brother works at Matobo National Park and the two younger ones are at Hwange Main Camp Primary School and Fatima High School.

Candy enjoys reading books, and watching television. She is also a keen public speaker and was a member of the Science Club while in High School at Fatima. Her ambition is to be a doctor and she is hoping that she can transfer to Applied Biology and eventually Medicine during the course of university. She is currently living with her uncle in Bulawayo where she is taking classes in Advanced Level Mathematics and to be close to the university.

Candy has a passion for helping others and especially working with children. She has previously volunteered at Main Camp Primary School working as an additional teacher as there are often not enough educators at the school. This is a great example of giving back to the community and helping the next generations of children in her home Village.

Candy came under the sponsorship of the African Bush Camps Foundation after emerging as a top student at her school, Main Camp Primary. As part of the sponsorship programme Candy and many other girls are currently being supported under a mentorship programme, so as to improve their life skills. In addition, we are also trying to cultivate a sense of active citizenship through volunteering within the foundation. She has gracefully accepted this responsibility  and viewed it as an opportunity to volunteer and was particularly happy that she was able to inspire the children and show them that they too could aim for, and attain exceptional grades and that they could do more with their lives.

Candy pinpoints her father as her inspiration as he has taught her to work hard in order to better her future and her family’s future. ABCF is inspired by Candy and is currently fundraising for her University fees of $1,130 per year so that she can continue to be a part of our scholarship program. She is an exemplary scholarship beneficiary and a true inspiration to all our other scholarship students.

We have been successful in finding sponsors for some of the 29 young adults, but there are still a few who seek support.


At African Bush Camps Foundation all administrative expenses are covered by the 5% bed night levy donation given to the Foundation by African Bush Camps Properties in Zimbabwe and Botswana. This means that 100% of your donation goes towards the children.

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