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Jane Bubear Sports Foundation Fun Run in partnership with African Bush Camps Foundation Zimbabwe. Dete, Zimbabwe 19th April 2014

The Jane Bubear Sports Foundation had its first 10km fun run in 2009 in the small remote town of Dete, Zimbabwe and it has now become an annual event much anticipated by the town and surrounding villages.

Zimbabwe has been crippled from many sides, the HIV/AIDS virus causing the break up of families and large pockets of poverty, especially in rural settings such as Dete and the internal turmoil has brought further struggle to the everyday life of Zimbabweans.  Zimbabwe’s economic and political instability has added to the crippled nation’s rural communities. In the local primary schools in the area, over 50% of the students are orphans or vulnerable children where they live with a relative or older sibling. Schools in rural areas struggle especially as they have few teachers, little to no stationary, text books or sporting equipment, often no electricity and children can walk up to 7km every day just to get to school.

The fun run is an opportunity to bring together people as a community, to celebrate life through sport, to just simply have fun in a world where every day is a struggle just to survive. Every runner receives a prize for participating which is much treasured and celebrated. In 2011 the first 2km run for the Primary School children was held prior to the main event and it was a huge success with over 200 students participating. This year we expect 1000 participants in total, a large number for this small rural community.

Over the past few years we have managed to identify key schools which are in need of support and donated fleece jumpers to a whole primary school of 600 students (Dete is in an area that reaches below 0 degree’s Celsius in winter and these fleece jumpers go a long way, especially when pupils have to walk many km’s to school every day, leaving their homes before the sun is even up), sports uniforms, modems for schools to get online and sporting equipment.

This year our aim is to provide Mambanje Primary school with Happy Readers (follow this link for more information on these books… http://www.happy-readers.com/zimbabwe.htm ) and curriculum educational books for the school. We would like to supply Chouzhou Primary School with Long Sleeved Fleeces Jumpers.

The Annual Soccer Championship by African Bush Camps Foundation. Dete, Zimbabwe 9th August 2014 

The Soccer Championship in Dete brings together 16 local soccer clubs for a very successful soccer tournament. Through sporting events such as the Zim 10K fun run and the soccer tournament, we are able provide fun events to the community who have very little to celebrate or look forward to, provide schools with uniforms and sports equipment as well as teaching local people conservation in an area where poaching is high because of the level of poverty that people are in, living a day to day subsistence life. We partner with local safari companies such as African Bush Camps who have safari camps within Hwange National Park and together we can help the local people feel a real and lasting impact of tourism though community development.

World Environment Day. Dete, Zimbabwe 5th June 2014 

This year we will be doing a combined event with Laurence School from the USA, they are based in the LA and are developing enriching partnerships with Main Camp Primary School, particularly between Grade 5 & 6 students. Laurence previously donated books towards Hwange Main Camp Primary School and were instrumental in the provision of Happy Readers in 2013 for the school.