Conservation Club students from at Primary Schools on the border of Hwange National Park that we have partnered with absolutely thrived in a competition challenging them to care for a sapling fruit tree for a full year. Funds for school fees were given as prizes to the winners.

Last year we gave out fruit trees to students in the Conservation Clubs in Primary Schools we work with in the Hwange Area. We challenged them to take good care of the saplings and stand a chance to win a scholarship for the entire year.

Judges inspect the trees planted last year, that Conservation Club students have been caring for throughout the year at school
Codesser from Mambanje came 5th in the competition, her paw paw tree was an absolute marvel!
Silethemba from St Francis and her guava tree came 4th in the competition.   
Mr Nyathi from Painted Dog Conservation assessing a Main Camp student’s lemon tree.

At this year’s National Tree Planting Day in Zimbabwe, the 1st Saturday of every December, the winners for the competition were announced after close inspection of their trees. The students did sooooo well and the competition was so tough that we decided to offer 3 awards instead; one for a full year scholarship, another for a two-term scholarship and one more to cover a child’s school fees for one term. We included some stationary equipment for the winners too.

Samantha, a grade 6 student at St Francis showing that her peach tree was now bearing fruit. The winner of a full year’s scholarship.
The scholarship beneficiaries, on the far left is Samantha, followed by Malvin from Chezhou and Mayibongwe from Chezhou.

A great big thank you goes to the Forestry Commission of Zimbabwe representative, Graham, and Mr Nyathi from Painted Dog Conservation for helping with the adjudication. More trees were planted at a National Tree Planting Day ceremony this year, at Sir Roy Welensky Primary School in Dete, Zimbabwe. The school year ended on a high note for the students in the conservation clubs!

Dingani students collaboratively planting their tree
Graham from Forestry Commission instructing the students on what to do
St Francis students engaging with Graham asking questions as they plant their tree.

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