The women of Thandanani have been very busy and have created a wonderful array of items that have been sent into Kanga Camp in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe for it’s guests to enjoy.


When entering the guest tents you can not help but admire the attractive pillows and after an outdoor shower, wrap a unique bathrobe around yourself. These items are hand-sewn by ladies from the Dete community, who came together with African Bush Camps Foundation in 2012.

IMG_2418Like all of the Foundation’s Community Empowerment Projects, the Thandanani Sewing Project is based on a micro-finance model, where the initial investment is paid back as part of the business plan and then used to either expand the current project or alternatively pass the capital onto another group or community to start a new project, on a revolving funding basis.

The members of the group are either widowed, married, or single mothers. Due to economic hardship all group members are struggling to earn a living hence the eagerness to grab the opportunity to sew to earn a living.

With this wonderful sale to Kanga Camp, one of African Bush Camps properties, the ladies have brought a splash of colour warming the guests experience and in turn warming our hearts and the lives of the members.



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