This past week we had the honor of having Lisa Hacker and her husband Ben with us at Hwange Main Camp Primary School. Lisa has been hugely involved with supporting the orphan and vulnerable children of Hwange Main Camp Primary since 2008.

Together with new partners like LemonAid Warriors and Rainbow Pack she managed to raise enough money to build a much needed wall alongside Main Camp Primary School. The Classroom Block was 3 meters away from a very busy dirt road. If the windows were open on a hot day the dust from the road would come wafting into the classroom and it was also a big distraction for the children watching the day to day lives of the community go by. They also brought gifts for each and every child on the Foundations Orphan and Vulnerable Children List.
Not only does Lisa support all these children but she does her best to ensure that there is a zero percent drop out of these children onto secondary education. For the past three years all grade 7 graduates have carried onto High School which is a huge thing for the families that support these children, and the children’s’ entire future. Blessing who Lisa is sponsoring at High School Level and currently living in Bulawayo travelled up with Sophia to meet Lisa and spend some time together.
These special people met Sophia Ndlovu on Saturday 18th July, at the National Parks Main Camp and on Sunday the work began in full force. The community had been making bricks in preparation for their arrival and our Community Liasion Officer Mr Masuku had everything in great form for the upcoming week.

A very special part of this first day is that all the children from Main Camp who are on Secondary School Scholarship came to see Lisa and take part in the work to get their Primary school ready for building. Ferrying bricks and digging foundations of the wall. The atmosphere was charged with Community Spirit and it was a very inspiring thing to be there and be a part of it all.
Over the next few days the mornings were spent building the wall. We all learnt a lot from the construction team on sight and the wall went up quickly. The afternoons were spent indulging in our time with the children of Main Camp Primary School. We sang, and danced, played ball games and Ben did some impressive hours on the Volleyball court.


Lisa enjoyed having her hair braided by at least 10 pairs of little hands and reading the donated books to the children at the Pre-School.


Lisa and Ben you are so remarkable in all your efforts to support us and spending this past week with you has left all of us from African Bush Camps Foundation and the Community at Main Camp with lasting impressions. To say it was hard to say goodbye is a huge understatement.


We were so blessed by all the donations sent to us by our special friends in America. From amazing books, to pens and pencils, stickers, backpacks, and lots lots more. The children are so grateful and what you did really made each and every pair of eyes shine with joy. From the bottom of our hearts, the children’s hearts and the community as a whole, we thank Lisa and Ben and the wonderful people who made the effort to support them and send with them, goods to the children in Africa.



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