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2013 African Bush Camps Foundation Holds Informational Workshops in the USA
Oct 1 – Oct 31 all-day

The African Bush Camps Foundation relies entirely on the goodwill of global citizens who generously support our programmes with donations, goods and time.

“It takes a Village to raise a Child.” – Hillary Clinton

But we believe that it is essential to continue to share the news about our programmes, progress and to meet new people who may be able to assist us achieve our vision.

Our annual African Bush Camps Foundation workshops will be held in several locations across the USA during the month of October 2013, and will cover:

  • Our background, approach and partnerships
  • Our work – by initiative, project and region
  • How to get involved – through donations, by sponsoring an event or even a student or teacher

Who should attend?

Anyone looking to promote sustainable tourism by making real and lasting change in the lives of people living in rural Africa.

2013 Mambanje Prize Giving Day
Nov 22 @ 8:00 am

The Day began with commemorating National Tree planting Day after Rainbow blaze lead the crowd in the National Anthem with their Marimbas.

Club President of the Victoria Falls Rotary Club, Hudson Mtomba planted a tree, signifying the start of the growth of the Mambanje’s relationship with Rotary. African Bush Camps have partnered with Elefence International to put up a solar panel to pump water in Hwange National Park, this was completed in December 2013. The International president and co-founder of Elefence, Dick Houston, was with us to enjoy the prize giving and he planted a Marula tree.

The Grade 0’s were dressed up in their robes and hats for their Celebration and Mambanje Primary’s best performers entertained the crowds before the Prizegiving began.

Local MP, Mr T. Sansole was guest of honour and awarder of prizes. Denzel Mathe received first prize for grade 7. Here Mr Sansole hands a prize to Priveledge Khumalo, the second prize winner from Grade 7.

Witnessing the parents, families and community celebrate the achievements of their children is truly heartwarming.

Sibongile Siziba (wearing yellow), who has been on scholarship with the African Bush Camps Foundation since 2008 and has just completed writing her O level examinations, assisted with the prize giving day. The High School Scholarship students are taught to mentor the younger students and to encourage and inspire the Primary School Students to work diligently for the scholarships offered for high school. They are also expected to serve within their communities where possible, learning to give back and become responsible and valued members in their community from a young age.

Rainbow Blaze, a Bulawayo group of Marimba players who we have been working within the high-density suburbs of Bulawayo played the marimbas which the audience really enjoyed. Ingonyama, Dete’s well-known group of singers, dancers and animal impersonators also participated in the day, being a part of the entertainment. Animal impersonations are their speciality, their uncanny ability to bring the spirit of the animals into the performance moves young and old alike. Both groups gave generously of their time and effort to make the Prize Giving day for Mambanje a successful one.

2014 – 6th Annual Dete Fun Run @ Dete, Zimbabwe
Apr 19 @ 9:00 am
2014 - 6th Annual Dete Fun Run @ Dete, Zimbabwe | Dete | Matabeleland North Province | Zimbabwe

The Jane Bubear Sports Foundation had its first 10km fun run in 2009 in the small remote town of Dete, Zimbabwe and it has now become an annual event much anticipated by the town and surrounding villages.

Zimbabwe has been crippled from many sides, the HIV/AIDS virus causing the break up of families and large pockets of poverty, especially in rural settings such as Dete and the internal turmoil has brought the further struggle to the everyday life of Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe’s economic and political instability has added to the crippled nation’s rural communities. In the local primary schools in the area, over 50% of the students are orphans or vulnerable children where they live with a relative or older sibling. Schools in rural areas struggle especially as they have few teachers, little to no stationary, textbooks or sporting equipment, often no electricity and children can walk up to 7km every day just to get to school.

The fun run is an opportunity to bring together people as a community, to celebrate life through sport, to just simply have fun in a world where every day is a struggle just to survive. Every runner receives a prize for participating which is much treasured and celebrated. In 2011 the first 2km run for the Primary School children was held prior to the main event and it was a huge success with over 200 students participating. This year we again expect over 1000 participants and many more spectators, a large number for this small rural community.

Over the past few years we have managed to identify key schools which are in need of support and donated fleece jumpers to four primary school’s in the area, totally over 1,200 students so far (Dete is in an area that reaches below 0 degree’s Celsius in winter and these fleece jumpers go a long way, especially when pupils have to walk many km’s to school every day, leaving their homes before the sun is even up). Sports uniforms, laptops, textbooks, stationery and modems for schools to get online as well as sporting equipment have also been donated through the Dete 10k fun run.

This year our aim is to provide Mambanje Primary school with Happy Readers (follow this link for more information on these books… http://www.happy-readers.com/zimbabwe.htm ) and curriculum educational books for the school. We also aim to supply Chouzhou Primary School with Long Sleeved Fleeces Jumpers.

2014 Heroes Soccer Tournament @ Dete, Zimbabwe
Aug 11 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
2014 Heroes Soccer Tournament @ Dete, Zimbabwe | Dete | Matabeleland North Province | Zimbabwe

The Soccer Championship in Dete brings together 16 local soccer clubs for a very successful soccer tournament. This year it will take place on the 9th August 2014.

Through sporting events such as this, we are able provide fun events to the community who have very little to celebrate or look forward to, provide schools with uniforms and sports equipment as well as teaching local people conservation in an area where poaching is high because of the level of poverty that people are in, living a day to day subsistence life. The soccer Tournament involves youths from 17 villages, giving them something positive to focus their time and energy on but they also experience a real and lasting impact of tourism, a great motivation against poaching.

2016 Chobe Independence Sports Tournament @ Chobe Enclave Botswana
Sep 30 all-day

Botswana got its independence in 1966 and this year the country will mark its 50th anniversary celebration in style.

In the Chobe district of Botswana, the African Bush Camps Foundation has partnered with the local community to mark this important date, bringing communities together and celebrating the beautiful people and wildlife of the Chobe District.

The Botswana people always celebrate Independence with pride because of their beautiful and united country. This year the people of the Chobe enclave villages will be entertained with the Independence Soccer championship and the Miss Chobe event.

African Bush Camps Foundation as a part of the Botswana family celebrates independence every year through the Sporting Tournament. This year’s tournament is bigger and better with the Foundation putting more resources towards the celebrations that will stretch over 5 days and include 12 soccer clubs, 12 primary schools and 2 woman soccer clubs and netball teams participating.


All the knockout games will start on the 16th of July 2016 and all roads will be leading to the Chobe Stadium.

2016 Dete 10KM Fun Run @ Dete, Zimbabwe
Apr 30 @ 6:30 am – 9:30 am
2017 National Tree Planting Day in Zimbabwe @ Hwange National Park
Dec 1 all-day

Every first Saturday of December marks Zimbabwe’s National Tree Planting Day, an initiative by the Zimbabwe Forestry Commission.

Planting trees is a step towards healing our forests which are affected by deforestation, and the day is intended to create awareness about the dangers of tree cutting and veld fires around Zimbabwe. We aim to host a tree planting event for our conservation clubs and the community living in the Hwange National Park and other areas we operate within.

A warm welcome for guests and students by our Trust Manager and the St Francis Primary School Dance Team

This year we managed to host a tree planting event for our conservation clubs and the community living in the Hwange National Park. The theme for 2017 was “Fruit Trees for Food Security and Nutrition” and the event was held at St Francis Xavier primary school on the 6th of December.

We managed to plant 100 hundred fruit trees at St Francis Primary School whilst another 200 trees were distributed among the six schools to plant in their school ground to green, improve soil quality, water retention and provide shade and fruit.

In 2017 were ecstatic to see a healthy attendance of six conservation clubs from surrounding primary schools; Chezhou Primary School, Dingani Primary School, Hwange Main Camp, Mambanje Primary School, Sir Roy Primary School and the host school St Francis Primary School. We were happy to also have other local NGOs Grow AfricaPainted Dog ConservationThe Hide Trust, Zimbabwe Forestry Commission representatives and other local stakeholders grace this event as well as help with some preparations leading up to it.

Zimbabwe Forestry Commission representative briefing guests on the theme and the trees to be planted.
A tree planting demonstration by the Forestry Commission representative.
Distribution of the fruit trees among the six schools that were joined in the enthusiastic day.
2018 10th Annual Dete 10km Fun Run @ Detema Secondary School
Apr 28 @ 6:30 am – 9:30 am
2018 Chobe 10km Fun Run @ Kachikau Primary School
May 5 @ 6:30 am – 9:30 am
World Environment Day
Jun 5 all-day

This is an annual event aimed at being the biggest, and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action. To commemorate the day, the Foundation works together with schools in the areas we operate in Zimbabwe, Botswana & Zambia.

The day starts with speeches about conservation and the environment, followed by either tree-planting activities or a clean-up campaign across local community centres; clinics, police stations, commercial shopping areas and along national railways & road before the schools compete for prizes with presentations in three categories: Drama/Song, Banner and Poetry.

Sports is a highly valued past time and most of the events also involve sports where both school and adult teams from the community compete. The schools set up tuck shops and cake sales of which proceeds go to the school. Refreshments will be provided, and transportation will be given to residents of the communities up to 15-kilometers away.

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