On Valentine’s Day Lisa and her crew of young heart suckersadults aged between 10 – 15 years took it upon themselves to raise money to send to African Bush Camps Foundation to help support Orphan and Vulnerable Children of Zimbabwe.

They created a really great logo and did a Chocolate Making Fundraiser in the hope of raising funds to go towards getting Happy Readers into Hwange Main Camp Primary School that African Bush Camps Foundation is in partnership with.

We would like to thank all the wonderful people that helped make and sell the chocolates, with your sterling efforts the children of Zimbabwe are going to receive more reading materials.

Lily Dritz                            Ella Johannes                          Sophia Hsu                              Ali Lowe
Alisha Hacker                              Logan Dritz                        Sammie Bynder
Rachel Gubner                    Riley Hearon                          Alexa Brent                           Megan Canale
Megan Wang                             Sara Driscoll                            Saivee Ahuja


Below is the Fantastic Flyer that they made for their Fundraiser and if you Visit our Facebook Page you can see an awesome video.



In the glorious grasslands of Zimbabwe, the children of the Hwange Main Camp School are looking for your help! They are looking for donations for school books, so they can learn. Many children are depending on our help for their books, so they can learn. Please help us by buying these chocolates and give these children the power of reading!

Each handmade chocolate is made with love!

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