The garden has become part of the childrenโ€™s daily routine as each day; a different grade partakes in the garden either by watering or cultivation. The community participation in the garden has proved to be vital as the school development committee has taken charge of the garden during the school holidays.


The Mambanje school and community garden is currently sprouting with an excellent bean crop planted by the students themselves with the help of the community members. As part of a long term initiative to alleviate the food challenges faced by the school and community, ABCF together with its partners, drilled a solar powered borehole in 2015 in the school and equipped it with a water tank to allow the school and community to not only have water for their domestic needs but also to start a garden at the school.ย  With a reliable water source, the school has taken charge of the garden and planted beans and vegetables which will help to provide much needed vegetables and variety to the schoolโ€™s current feeding program. The Hwange area and most parts of Zimbabwe are currently facing a drought and the school and community have quickly realised that they need to be proactive and find ways to complement the feeding program that is currently being sponsored by ABCF through its donor partner, Elefence International.


The community and the school are also embarking on an income generating project that will see the full utilisation of the garden as they have been tasked to provide vegetables, particularly fresh herbs, to Somalisa Safari Camp with the profits from the sales reinvested back into the school.


The beans are green and healthy and have now begun bearing fruits although some are still at the flowering stage. Reviving the garden has been an exemplary partnership with the School Development Committee heavily involved in providing additional labour and ensuring that the garden is monitored during the school holidays.

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