It is always rewarding to see the fruits of much dreaming and planning take shape, the next step of our Goats for Education project is being realised 🙂

During a recent visit to Mambanje Village in the Hwange region of Zimbabwe, we couldn’t get enough of these twin baby goats (kids). Many of the female goats, gifted to scholarship students earlier this year, are already pregnant and some babies are being born. They are winning us over with their sweetness but also show us hope for the children they will go on to support. This March, 14 children on the orphan and vulnerable children scholarship program at Mambanje Primary School received female goats as a part of a “pass on the goat” concept, where after two years the child will be able to raise their own school fee’s by passing on the first offspring to another child in the program and then selling at least one offspring each subsequent year.

Matshayingwe Sibanda, he is the primary care giver to his granddaughters Primrose Ncube and Qinisela Moyo, both female goats are healthy and pregnant already.
Praise Dube with this uncle and two beautiful babies, 2 months old already
Keith Ncube with his grandparents

This will see them through to high school, which is where the sustainability of this project will bring so much meaning, as even though we run a high school scholarship program, many children still drop out within the first 2 years of high school in the rural areas of Zimbabwe. Access to education still remains such a challenge. These goats represent not only hope but the restoration of pride and dignity to families to be able to support themselves.

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