Since 2016, with support from various partners, we have been assisting in providing a healthy nutritional supplement to the 139 pupils and 7 teachers at Mambanje Primary School.

The supplementary feeding has resulted in a 95% attendance to classes and, along with other interventions, we have started seeing an increase in the pass rate from 0 % in 2015 to 31.25% in 2016 and 47% in 2017 at Mambanje Primary School.

Over the past 2.5 years, cases of school children fainting in class have not been reportedΒ at the high rate previously experienced. The thriving school garden has also brought in the much needed green addition to the sadza and sugar beans meals.

Our Trust Manager recently took time to conduct project visits and shared meals with the kids. The look of the kids as they enjoy their meals is so heart warming and brings great joy and satisfaction in the work the African Bush Camps family is doing in mobilising resources for these marginalised and poorly resourced communities.

In the photographs below, children can be seen sharing a meal with the Head Teacher Ms Changara, Trust Manager Obert Manyeza and tendingΒ to their school garden for fresh vegetable production.

nutritional support ABCF
Watering the onions section of the garden. The children are also learning key survival skills in their garden.
nutritional support ABCF2
A grade 1 pupil at Mambanje enjoys a meal during lunch time.

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