Parakurungu Chicken Project

A poultry farming, income-generating project with the local primary school with additional goals of developing entrepreneurial and farming skills within school children.
Botswana - Chobe

This is a poultry farming project at Parakarungu Primary school and run by the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) under the leadership of the School Head and Practical Subjects teacher. The foundation supported the project by purchasing initial production stock and supplies. The project has access to a market, through local community members as well as through African Bush Camps’ Linyanti Bush Camp & Linyanti Ebony and Linyanti Expeditions, these camps being able to purchase the chicken produce raised by the project.

The primary objective is to help the school generate some of its own income to supplement what it gets from the government for developing facilities at the school. The project also aims to cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship, particularly within farming, among students at an early age. Through this project, pupils gain farming and business management skills for their future benefit.

As with any pioneering, multi-faceted project some learnings within the managerial structure and practical care for the chicks have been experienced. We see these as necessary parts of the process and continue to work with Parakurungu Primary School in striving for the diversification of their income.


Botswana - Chobe
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