School Conservation Clubs

Inspiring practical, fun eco-education in primary schools
Zambia - Livingstone

Partnering with stakeholders and local schools to support environmental education through practical permaculture and fun conservation experiences that children at the schools are able to translate into their communities.

These include World Environment and National Tree Planting Days and days where professional safari guides come to schools to engage and participate with the Conservation Clubs.

Some activities guides participate within:
* Beating plastic pollution: students upcycle a variety of usable and decorative goods from different types of plastic, whilst guide share information and examples of the dangers of plastic to wildlife.

* Nature corner display: students have a miniature display of wildlife and share their knowledge with guides. In turn, guides add to the student’s sharings and share additional fun facts.

* Question & Answer session: students get to answer questions about guiding as a career or other wildlife-related questions.

The goal is to help implement this with schools in all areas we work with in Zimbabwe, Zambia & Botswana.

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