Vuche Vuche Craft Cooperative

A weaving cooperative for women stimulating co-operation, support and skills development within the community. A group of 17 who support a total of 30 dependents.
Botswana - Chobe

This is a legally registered Cooperative in Botswana, where women come together to find ways to support their families, and community, through income generation projects. At Vuche Vuche, meaning “slow and steady”, a group of 17 women (who support a total of 30 dependants) with different weaving and craft-making skills, each produce crafts to stock with the Cooperative. In turn, the Cooperative sells the craft to tourists and the local community. At the end of each month, Cooperative members share profits from these sales. Craft making is not the only activity, the cooperative also intends to establish a cultural village where they would be able to showcase customs, traditions, song & dance and practices to visitors.


It is a membership driven organisation which is open to any member of the community. The Foundation has been supporting them by providing access to market through African Bush Camps tourists, and by building capacity of its members through business training. The Cooperative has also been allocated space at the Kasane airport to display their crafts, an exciting step in getting their naturally crafted products out to more markets.


Botswana - Chobe
With the establishment of the Linyanti and Linyanti Ebony Camps in the Chobe Enclave in 2007, the Foundation’s...
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