The Metsimahura Sewing Project, located in the Kachikau Village in the Chobe District of Botswana has been awaiting for professional training on best practices for using the industrial sewing machines, sourced for them to start a business in the area. The concept behind the business was introduced by the group themselves, and aims to empower them by developing skills to create uniforms and garments to supply local schools and businesses in the area. Currently, the closest source of these sorts of products is Kasane (100km away). The inaccessibility means that both costs and waiting period rise. The community are now excited to take matters into their own hands and develop a local supplier for schools and businesses.





An interested member of the African Bush Camps team of staff joined in to experience and learn more about the concept behind the project. OB, Junior Chef at Linyanti Bush Camp, enjoyed watching the group learn about using their overlocking industrial machines.








It was a busy, busy day! One of the first patterns to learn was a short, under the close eye of their young instructor Keitumetse (KT). KT is a local who was trained through the Social & Community Development program, and has now received the opportunity to train her fellow community members.

Sewing is not only just for the ladies, two gentlemen form part of the Metsimahura Sewing Project too. They were enjoying the workshop, taking their work very seriously.









“We are all so excited and are looking forward to a new beginning, as a community, we believe there is a lot of potential in our village, with so many young people young out of employment, this could be their spring board. The various Safari companies in the Enclave provide a potential market for our products only we if can produce good quality products and we establish partnerships with them”. (Jane Solkasla- Assistant to the chief).

This project is set to truly empower communities in the area, the next step is now to get some samples finalised to present to local schools and businesses for placing orders and supporting local!

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