Our Mission


We focus on making an impact in the areas surrounding our camps, through collaborating with the community to implement meaningful and sustainable solutions.

Our approach

The African Bush Camps Foundation identifies needs, skills, and resources within communities and forges meaningful partnerships amongst the stakeholders, creating opportunities to empower the communities and their members to become self-sustaining and independent, whilst also promoting conservation and community spirit.

We work with the rural communities living in and around the wildlife areas in which African Bush Camps operates.

African Bush Camps

The Foundation has been operating alongside African Bush Camps since 2006. As a collective, we don’t only measure success by our bottom line, but also by the positive impact we have on the environment, the happiness of our staff, and the wellbeing of the communities and landscapes in which we operate.

African Bush Camps cover the Foundation’s operating costs, every night you stay with African Bush Camps, we contribute USD 10. Therefore, each donation received goes directly to the foundation projects.

When you visit us, you partner with us as we share and conserve Africa, together.

African Bush Camps Foundation Partnerships