An introduction to Kauzhumba Primary School

As part of the building understanding and support for the communities near African Bush Camps Bumi Hills Safari Lodge our Trust Manager, Obert Manyeza recently spent an afternoon at Kauzhumba Primary School, Nabalenge Village, in Mola (Nyami-nyami), Kariba District.
He described it as a “heavy and depressing afternoon” after seeing that the learning shelter/shade/site/tree in these images are for sixty-two Grade 1 students, all under the guidance of one teacher.
Grade1 class, space. The green board in front and some benches for the students.
Evidence of the day’s classwork on the board.
One of the learning spaces created by the parents.
Accommodation for 8 teachers, who teach 422 students enrolled at Kauzhumba Primary School
Learning basic structures of plants was part of the lesson plan today.
Established in 1992, and with a current enrollment of 422 students, the school has no brick classroom on site. All classes currently take place under a tree for shade or makeshift structures, built by the parents. The 8 teachers at the school currently share a dilapidated structure to live in. There are basically no textbooks with the exception of the teacher’s copy and all work has to be written on the green board for the children to read and copy. Basic pens and books are not available. During the rainy season, students are sent back home as soon as rain clouds start to gather.
We are in the process of building relationships with this community and plan together for how to best to support the school. Education resources have been highlighted by elders as a key factor for improving the well-being of the community, and we plan to help them empower themselves to do so.