By coexisting with wildlife and using the natural world to grow crop yields, protect livestock and use resources to preserve the environment, communities can improve their food security and achieve a higher quality of life without negatively impacting wildlife. With projects that aim to improve the perception and tolerance of wildlife in the area, we can help communities restore a harmonious relationship with nature for their benefit.

With the means and knowledge, communities can be empowered with more room for opportunity and independence through providing them with the tools or skills to protect their livelihoods.

We work with communities surrounding the African Bush Camps lodges to implement human-wildlife conflict mitigation techniques which help them learn and understand innovative ways to conserve resources whilst implementing sustainable land-use practices.

Tourism is dependent on healthy ecosystems and wildlife populations as Africaโ€™s natural beauty and wildlife are what attracts travellers. This reliability works both ways as the money from responsible travelling is invested in preserving conservation and reaches people living in remote wildlife areas. As a result, tourism becomes a driver for economic development.

Projects in Conservation

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