Kachikau Primary School Disability Unit

Kachikau Primary School Disability Unit provides schooling, accommodation, and daily meals to approximately 32 students with disabilities from villages in Chobe, Botswana. Our foundation has been actively investing in the school’s infrastructure to ensure that the facilities are equipped to assist and support learners with special needs. We built wheelchair ramps and paved the walkways to improve accessibility and mobility for all learners, and constructed a communal dining shelter. The improvements have contributed to a more inclusive learning environment at the school and have reduced health and safety risks. The dining shelter is a multipurpose facility that has ample space for playing, physical exercise, and socializing which is a critical part of learners’ development at the school.


Our long-term goal for the school and the impact we want to have: 

In 2022 we shifted our focus to helping 11 learners with Educational Psychological Assessment, which would allow them to graduate from the school. We partnered with a private institution certified by the government to fast-track the educational assessments for the students at Kachikau Primary School Disability Unit. This would allow them to complete the assessment and ultimately graduate from the school.

By providing learners with disabilities access to these assessments, we are empowering and equipping these learners, allowing them to graduate and further their education, which will improve their chances of finding employment opportunities. Learners progressing from the school allows us to take in more learners at Kachikau, increasing access to quality education and learning facilities for other learners with disabilities in the community.

Our next focus is to renovate the school hostel and provide additional development support for the learners through life skills, empowerment lessons, and physiotherapy sessions.

Total projected costs for 2023: $39,200