Khwai Pre School

Khwai village has a population of approximately 400 BaBukakhwe (River Bushmen), the majority of which are from low-income households.  The service delivery in this community is limited and faces challenges accessing education, health facilities and water and electricity connections. The community of Khwai was without a pre-school school in the area. Primary school learners would attend boarding schools out of the village in Maun and surrounding communities.  

ABCF partnered with Khwai Private Reserve and Naledi Foundation to develop a pre-school in the area for learners. This school is a much-needed relief to the community, as children no longer travel for hours by road to larger villages to get an education. ABCF has fixed the fence at the school and installed a new playground and jungle gym. 

About our Project

The Khwai Preschool currently has approximately 37 learners between the age of 1 and 5.  

Our long-term goal for the school and the impact we want to have:

Our current focus of the school is infrastructure improvements at the school which will include installing a kitchen, ablution blocks, a dining shelter, solar power and furnishing. These improvements will go a long way towards creating an environment that is conducive to learning.  

The kitchen will allow us to provide daily meals to learners. The accessibility of food for learners at the school will ensure that learners can be in school for the full school day, they are well-fed, and they can function, concentrate, and focus better on their schoolwork. This will positively affect the school pass rate and the number of learners completing their schooling and progressing to Primary school. The additional improvements made to the school aid in creating a better learning environment.