Maunga Health Centre

Zambia - Livingstone

Access to quality and affordable health care facilities and services remains a challenge for many rural communities in Zambia. The nearest clinic in Maunga is 20KM (12.2 miles) away from the community, a distance which is often traveled by foot to access health care.

Poor infrustrure, a lack of resources, a shortage of basic medical supplies, and a shortage of skilled health care workers remain a challenge at these medical facilities. This has an impact on the service provided to the community which is already facing several health challenges.

We built a health care facility in Maunga, fully equipped with a maternity ward, solar power, access to water, ablution facilities, and equipped with medical supplies and resources to serve the community.

As part of this project, we will also build accommodation for doctors and nurses at the health care facility.

This clinic is assisting to provide critical healthcare services to over 3500 people living in rural Maunga. This center ensures that medical services are easily accessible to the community and reduces the long travel distance for the community. This center will also provide accommodation to nurses and doctors which will create full-time work opportunities and placement for them.

A fully resourced and staffed health care facility will ensure that the community receives critical care on an urgent basis, which contributed towards speedy medical diagnosis and treatments. This will go a long way towards saving lives and improving the quality of life in this community.

$10 000 has been raised so far for the Solar Project and we only need $2500 to complete phase one!

Phase two will require $67 000 to complete.

The rural community of Maunga is located on the Western border of the Dambwa Forest Reserve near Livingstone in Southern Zambia. The community derives its name from the local trees found in abundance around the area, called Maunga. The community is comprised of eight villages: lukuni A and B, Ikasaya, Chibuyu, Kasiya, Kaleya, Syanumbu A and B.

An incomplete building had been identified to establish a Health Centre for the community. At the time the nearest health centre was in Livingstone, roughly 20km away. Family income levels in this area are low, so access to education and health facilities are extremely limited.

With the opening of Thorntree River Lodge within the African Bush Camps portfolio of authentic safari camps in 2017, a needs analysis process was undertaken and a partnership with the Maunga Community was established. It was clear that this community, due to their remote location off major transport routes, could greatly benefit from contributions that African Bush Camps Foundation could make to responsibly develop their community, right on the border of a vulnerable forest reserve in the area.

An area of priority that was identified was to improve access to health care facilities, due to the community being located a distance from the hub of Livingstone in Zambia.

In January 2019 the basic construction of the building was completed. In mid-2019 a container filled with medical equipment arrived which was sourced and financed by Australian based MedEarth.

The community continued to contribute their energy, resources and time to prepare for the facility by clearing sites and collecting sand for the construction of an outpatient ablution for the clinic.

The interior structures and furnishings were completed and in September 2019 the building was officially handed over the government of Zambia. The government decided to allocate a nurse to the facility so that it could begin to operate in a limited capacity.

The Foundation has subsequently partnered with WaterAid and work is underway to provide clean running water to the medical centre as well as the nearby school. All that remains is solar power for electricity.


Zambia - Livingstone
With the establishment of Thorntree River Lodge as part of the African Bush Camps portfolio in 2017, the Foundation’s...
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