Maunga Health Centre

Partnering with the Maunga Community to complete a long awaited Health Centre
Zambia - Livingstone
Key Points
  • Maunga is a 20km walk away from the nearest town with a clinic which used to be the only one available to the surrounding rural communities

  • Remote areas face challenges like having limited clean water which increases their risk of contracting diseases

  • The Foundation partnered with the community to address their priority of accessing healthcare. A Health Centre has been constructed and equipped with the help of MedEarth

  • We have partnered with WaterAid to work towards providing clean, running water to the clinic. Solar power for electricity is the next step!

  • Phase two will then ensure full-time medical staff can be allocated to the Health Centre

Health influences every aspect of life. Good health is a segue to physical, social and mental well-being which are key factors in a higher quality of life. This creates enabling environments for communities to thrive.

The nearest health facilities were in the neighbouring town, Livingstone, which is a 20km walking distance away. The Foundation has been able to collaborate with the community to construct a Health Centre complete with a labour ward and dispensary to serve the 3500 people of the surrounding villages.

A generous donation from Australian-based MedEarth saw the Health Centre fully furnished with medical equipment.

Before the centre can be operational, it must have running water and electricity to provide critical healthcare services. In partnership with WaterAid, work is underway to provide clean running water to the medical centre as well as the nearby school. All that remains is to secure funds for the solar power system.

In order for full-time doctors and nurses to be allocated to the Health Centre, thereby making it fully functional, staff quarters must be constructed. This will be phase two of the project.

Official Handover: Maunga Health Centre, Zambia

It is with full hearts that we share this piece of news ❤ :)After more 1 year of hard work; pulling together, planning, procuring, fundraising, building and collaborating our partnership with the Maunga Community and the government of Zambia has resulted in the official handing over of a Health Centre within the community to open and function as a fully operational facility.It means that residents of the 8 different villages of the Maunga Community no longer have to make the arduous journey to the nearest centre of Livingstone to receive medical treatment. In particular, the benefits for new mothers having maternity facilities nearby is a great change for the community. The fact that these benefits are directly linked to tourism and conservation in the area, is a powerful part of these communities realising economic value from protecting the biodiversity they live within.We would not have been in a position to join the Maunga Community in making this happen without the support of countless African Bush Camps guests, the Thorntree River Lodge team, an inspiringly concerted contribution from our friends in Australia; Liz Bently (our Australian Champion), The Krueger Family, Medearth, MedWish International. Rotary Club Of Berrima District, Kreuger Transport, Jan Haysom, Kaye Schonwillie, Marie Lee, David & Emily Norman family and more!

Posted by African Bush Camps Foundation on Thursday, September 12, 2019

Rural populations face different challenges to urban ones. The Health Centre will alleviate many healthcare issues that the community faces. These include poor nutrition, limited clean water and sanitation, which makes them more susceptible to illnesses such as Cholera and Typhoid. These illnesses are easily treatable.

A fully equipped and functioning Health Centre will serve the 3500 people of the surrounding villages of Maunga who will be able to access to treatment.

Those who need medical attention will be able to make the journey to the Centre. This means that those at risk can receive treatment or information on preventative measures. Zambia has exceptionally high rates of infant and maternal mortality, particularly so in rural areas. This is largely due to the unavailability of antenatal and postnatal care. Having access to professional care and a dedicated labour ward will drastically reduce these instances.

The entire community spirit has been lifted through working together. Increased health will cater to the level of productivity that the people will be able to achieve. In this way, we hope to work towards the sustainable development of Maunga by helping the people have a higher quality of life.

$10 000 has been raised so far for the Solar Project and we only need $2500 to complete phase one!

Phase two will require $67 000 to complete.

The rural community of Maunga is located on the Western border of the Dambwa Forest Reserve near Livingstone in Southern Zambia. The community derives its name from the local trees found in abundance around the area, called Maunga. The community is comprised of eight villages: lukuni A and B, Ikasaya, Chibuyu, Kasiya, Kaleya, Syanumbu A and B.

An incomplete building had been identified to establish a Health Centre for the community. At the time the nearest health centre was in Livingstone, roughly 20km away. Family income levels in this area are low, so access to education and health facilities are extremely limited.

With the opening of Thorntree River Lodge within the African Bush Camps portfolio of authentic safari camps in 2017, a needs analysis process was undertaken and a partnership with the Maunga Community was established. It was clear that this community, due to their remote location off major transport routes, could greatly benefit from contributions that African Bush Camps Foundation could make to responsibly develop their community, right on the border of a vulnerable forest reserve in the area.

An area of priority that was identified was to improve access to health care facilities, due to the community being located a distance from the hub of Livingstone in Zambia.

In January 2019 the basic construction of the building was completed. In mid-2019 a container filled with medical equipment arrived which was sourced and financed by Australian based MedEarth.

The community continued to contribute their energy, resources and time to prepare for the facility by clearing sites and collecting sand for the construction of an outpatient ablution for the clinic.

The interior structures and furnishings were completed and in September 2019 the building was officially handed over the government of Zambia. The government decided to allocate a nurse to the facility so that it could begin to operate in a limited capacity.

The Foundation has subsequently partnered with WaterAid and work is underway to provide clean running water to the medical centre as well as the nearby school. All that remains is solar power for electricity.


Zambia - Livingstone
With the establishment of Thorntree River Lodge as part of the African Bush Camps portfolio in 2017, the Foundation’s...
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