“The goat project, it improved most homesteads here in Mambanje”

“These goats mean that by 2020 Primrose will be able to pay for her own school fees”, says our wonderful Volunteer Field Officer in Mambanje as he explains the concept of the Goats for Education Project, where school children and their families receive an indigenous female goat to rear and care for. The sale of the offspring of which will, in turn, assist in covering school costs and can make them independent of scholarship funding within 2 years.

Supporting the community through understanding animal husbandry best practices and ways to care for their goats is an important part of the project. Recently, there was a Goat Training Workshop was held in the village with families who have received and have applied to participate in the initiative. Included in the workshop were learnings that families should house their goats on raised “kraals”, in order to prevent from disease spreading by sleeping amongst their droppings. Treatment of common diseases were also covered, holistic grazing practices as well as advice for caring for their goats (and their new kids) through the birthing process.

Our Voluntary Field Officer in Mambanje talks about the Goats for Education initiative

“This project is very beneficial to the children in Mambanje, because most of them will be able to take care of their own education in the future”

We’re happy to have received great support for recently for this project, with over 40 goats being sponsored by African Bush Camps guests and our loyal supporters all over the world, our aim is to raise enough to procure 15 more healthy, indigenous female goats for the students in the community who are participating in our scholarships programme. Each goat costs US$50 to procure, help us and Mambanje reach this goal by supporting this project.