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The computer lessons have begun! The people of the community and the students are very excited and look forward to using the library and doing e-learning using the laptops that were donated to us from Australia.



The library and e-learning centre was an old classroom at Mambanje Primary School, which has been renovated through a donation from a generous partner foundation in the UK. We have utilized the skills of local builders in the project and the Mambanje Soccer Team participated in helping with the flooring.

Work in Progress 2

We are expecting it to be used by Mambanje students, as well as the community at large who are interested in adult education services. The High School students who are on Scholarship will also be able to develop their knowledge during the holidays when they are back at home from boarding school. It will prove to be especially useful in our long term vision of building a satellite high school of which we are currently fundraising for.

Mambanje e-learning 3

Next month sees the start of the construction of the new teacher’s cottage at Mambanje, which will be essential in retaining quality teachers at this very remote school. At the moment the 6 teachers share one small cottage.

All the above projects tie into, a long term sustainable development model for education in the community.

Mambanje e-learning 1

Needs for the Library and E-Learning Project

1. The school has 6 laptops that are being used by the school and community, we would welcome donations of computers and accessories such as mice, mouse pads, and speakers.

2. We are also working on stocking the library with textbooks and age appropriate reading material, we welcome any donations and have a list on Takealot.com.