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This past weekend has been a hive of activity in the Communities that African Bush Camps Foundation have partnered with in Botswana – Khwai Village and the Chobe Enclave.


Our very own Obert Manyeza presented at the Press Conference Sponsors’ Launch for the Chobe Independence Sports Tournament and handing over  of kits Ceremony in Chobe last week on Wednesday. In attendance where various Chiefs, the District Commissioner, Mayor of Kasane and Councillors.



Here is a bit of insight into what he had to say;


“On behalf of the African Bush Camps Foundation (ABCF), it is my pleasure and singular honor to be here with you marking two consecutive years of fruitful partnership with Chobe District through the Chobe Regional Football Association.

The African Bush Camps Foundation has been working and supporting communities with the vision of creating opportunities that empower rural communities located in vulnerable wildlife areas. The Foundation’s mission is to partner with these communities to improve their quality of life and achieve long-term conservation through programs focusing on education, conservation, community infrastructure, and community empowerment.

By directly linking these benefits to tourism, these communities learn to positively value wildlife and nature as resources for improving their well-being and for their empowerment.

It is with this background that, The ABCF having realized and observed the potential benefits of sports in uniting and bringing communities together , and in the spirit of celebrating the country’s 50 years of Independence and self rule, we resolved to increase our commitment and pledge to the Chobe Community through financial support of the Independence Soccer Tournament from P70, 000 in 2015 to P100 000 in 2016.

You will probably all agree that this is a clear sign of commitment and confidence in our community work and the relationship that we have with the entire Chobe Community. The African Bush Camps Foundation realizes that sport has an intrinsic individual and community value through participating, competing and spectating and this forms an important part of our culture as a country. We also realize that if correctly nurtured, it can be developed into commercial platforms and help empower our communities.

From the very beginning, and throughout the expansion of African Bush Camps, The Foundation has supported a number of community orientated projects that are focused on sustainable tourism and community development. African Bush Camps Foundation strongly believes that the tourism dollar needs to have a trickle-down effect and find its way to the communities in the areas where African Bush Camps operates and help communities to benefit positively from tourism. To date, the African Bush Camps Foundation has initiated a number of projects which not only benefit communities in wildlife areas, but also tie in strongly with the conservation ethos of African Bush Camps as a whole. Ladies and gentlemen, you will be pleased to note that we have supported a similar tournament in Khwai with the support being erected at the communities. We will soon be embarking on the setting up of 3 Income Generating projects in the villages of Parakarungu, Kachikau and Mabele.

Our partnership with the Chobe Football association will also see all the participating teams embarking on a one day clean-up campaign at Kachikau Disability Unit where we have sourced a number of wheel chairs for donation at the school. We are also in the process of reviewing requests for the support of wheelchair pavings at the school. I am therefore calling upon all stakeholders to ensure that they meaningfully engage and empower the communities they work in.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the entire organising committee for making this event a success and hope players and teams represented here will go out and become role models and mentors to youngsters in their communities. On behalf of the African Bush Camps Foundation, I therefore would like to wish you all a happy Independence Celebrations anniversary. Thank you.”


We are excited to share with you all the aspects of this greatly successful weekend… watch this space…