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One of our most successful partnerships is the Precious Life Foundation which is a non-profit organization in Zimbabwe that helps women from vulnerable backgrounds move towards self reliance so that they can fend for themselves and their children.


Since 2012 we have arranged industry placements for Precious Life graduates for their 6-month hospitality and catering attachments at African Bush Camp’s Kanga and Somalisa Camps, where they work their way through the various departments, housekeeping, kitchen, storekeeping, waitering and front of house. They receive a mentor from our team of staff and leave with training and recommendations to set them up to become independent with future job prospects.

From 2012 to 2014 we have placed 9 students and a further 4 students have been placed in 2015. Two of the young ladies from the intake in 2014 showed such promise that they were hired on a permanent basis after they had completed their internship, a fantastic success in the program.

This year Somalisa has Charmaine and Judith joining their team, and Kanga has welcomed Busisani and Wein. The young ladies have adjusted to their new surroundings well, and they have written down some of their first impressions.

Judith pic

Charmaine – Somalisa

It was a long journey from Bulawayo to Somalisa. We saw monkeys and elephants in the beautiful wild bush on our drive in the Game Drive vehicle to camp. When we arrived we were welcomed nicely and we were told that we are one big happy family and that made me very happy. On the second day we went on my very first game drive in my life and I learnt a lot and saw many birds and animals that we live with. I like the baby elephant it is so cute.

Somalisa is the place to be, it is so quiet and nice. My first department that I am working in is the Kitchen. For the first days it was hard but now I am enjoying it a lot. I have learnt a lot of things about baking and cooking and I am gaining a lot of experience. I really like the people that I am working with, they are super. I have met a lot of people who are loving and caring, it is like we have a family here. I cant wait to go home and share everything I have learnt with my family and Precious Life teachers and sisters.


Judith – Somalisa

Our trip to the camp was long but when we were welcomed warmly by the staff. We met Thenjiwe who is one of our Precious Life seniors who was employed by Somalisa, and she gave us the orientation. Somalisa is a wonderful place to be, there is a lot of peace and quietness and I am enjoying the wildlife. On the second day we were taken on a game drive and we enjoyed a lot because before I only saw animals on television and in magazines, and now we were seeing them in real life.

I have always anticipated what it would be like living in the wild and this feeling that I am having is so nice even though I still think of my mother every night. The impression that I got about this place is that it is full of endless possibilities of learning new things. The department I was placed in first is housekeeping. I have learnt a lot of things under the housekeeping staff, I now know how to get a room prepaired for guest arrivals. I am trying by all means to establisgh a good working relationship with the staff. I am no longer afraid of the animals as they have become a part of my everyday life.

I hope to make the best of this opportunity that I had to come here and I don’t know how to express my excitement and I am grabbing everything that I am taught.


Busisani – Kanga

The first time l came to Kanga Camp from Bulawayo, I was welcomed in a good way. They are good people and very caring. The camp has a very good view to see the animals drinking water from the Pan and guests have a better view in their rooms and at the front deck. I am in housekeeping department and am copping well in the department members. They are teaching me very well. The layout of the rooms is very good and they are looking presentable, so far that is all l have seen and learnt. This is a very good place to be.


Wein – Kanga

My experience on and after my arrival at Kanga Camp was splendid, amazing and fantastic. I do not have much to say because I am enjoying, learning new things and getting to know new people. I am currently working in the kitchen and l have baked and cooked. Guests fell in love with my two cakes that I baked and many muffins. I saw a big lion and elephants for the first time in my entire life. I am having a good time at Kanga Camp. I am wishing to work here forever. The people surrounding me are over the best of the best. They teach and talk well with me.

Busisani pic