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Precious Life Teacher Visit:

Somalisa Camp hosted the teacher who trains the girls in Bulawayo for the Precious Life Foundation. It was her first time to Hwange National Park. The reason for her visit was for her to have an understanding of the environment in which the girls do their 6-month internship and see how this may also influence her training. She was very impressed with what the Precious Life Girls are learning and was very grateful to have been hosted by the team for two nights. The girls were very happy to have their teacher in camp and where proud to show her around and take her through their day to day duties in camp.

Message from their teacher after the Somalisa Camp visit:

Dear Friends
Thank you so much for the hospitality that you showed me when I visited your camp to assess my Precious Life girls. I am both humbled and excited about the high quality standards that you exhibited on every aspect of the camp. My girls welfare was par excellent; from their accommodation, food, respect given to them by other staff members just amazed me and I can see that you have really been able to build self esteem in these women.
They are learning so much there that I can safely say you are the best partner on placements that we have had. I am looking forward to this partnership extending to many many more girls into the future.
Thank you for helping us help these girls become self reliant! Precious Life Foundation is very grateful indeed.

Yours Sincerely,

Faustina Maravanyika

Instructor at Precious Life Foundation


Faustina with two Precious Life ladies employed full time at Somalisa Camp and two girls on attachment

Update from Precious Life Foundation Girls doing their last month of attachment at Somalisa Camp

We caught up with Priviledge and Linience who are currently in their last month of attachment at Somalisa Camp.

Linience has just completed her front of house training and this to say about her experience so far.

“I have benefited a lot since I started my attachment. I have gained a lot of confidence and I can now socialise with people, which is something I didn’t do before. “


Linience at Somalisa Camp and making sure the bar and dinner table is ready and tidy before guests arrive.

Priviledge has just completed her training in the stores department. This is what she had to say about her experience so far:

“I am a very shy person but now I have confidence of who I am and what I want to be because of meeting different kinds of people.”


Thenjiwe showing Priviledge how to input stores stocktake for end of month

Update from Precious Life girls at Zambezi Expeditions

The girls enjoyed their time at Zambezi Expeditions and they learned a lot during their attachment.

It is very important for these young ladies to experience what it is to be young free. Thank you Hope and Zambezi Expeditions team for putting smiles on these young ladies faces who are doing all they can to better their story and to realise they have time to change their story. Thank you ABC team for taking them in  and teaching them life changing skills.


Compiled by Yvonne Bahlangene-African Bush Camps Foundation Ambassador