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We are proud to publish our 2017 Annual Report. A document outlining some of our work and impact over the 2017 calendar year.

With 30% of our expenditure having been contributed to Education initiatives, it is no surprise that some of the highlights were within this focus area; the opening of the Mambanje Teacher’s Cottage, significant improvement in pass rates for Hwange Main Camp and Mambanje Primary Schools in Zimbabwe and improved access to resources and facilities for differently abled students at Kachikau Primary School in Botswana.

Under the Conservation focus area, we saw eco-education events and exchanges make positive impacts within communities we work with and the great success of the Mobile Cattle Boma initiative gain a boost with a 4th boma introduced in Mambanje Village, the installation of a cattle crush facility to administer veterinary services as part of the Cattle Health Initiative and a kind sponsorship to secure the employment of a Lion Guardian for the village for a two year period.

Income generating groups we work with saw an expanse in initiatives and consequently the number of people supported with the launching of the Parakarungu chicken project, the Kachikau sewing group in Botswana and Detema sewing club in Zimbabwe. Income Generating Groups, along with the multitude of Community Events have continued to have the effect of stimulating local economies and a sense of community with the areas we work in.