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African Bush Camps Foundation recognizes education as an integral part of sustainable development, in developing attitudes, skills and knowledge to allow communities to make informed decisions for their own benefit. The African Bush Camps Foundation supports 40 Orphan and Vulnerable Children at Hwange Main Camp Primary School in 2014. We assist these children by fundraising for School Fees.The families of these children are unable to pay for the school fee’s because of the level of poverty they live in and as children who have not paid their fee’s are not allowed to attend school, we make sure that they do not drop out.

In Zimbabwe all school children have to wear a uniform, if they do not arrive for their studies in the required uniform, they are often sent home and they cannot play sport if they do not have the proper attire. Wearing a uniform gives children a sense of pride in their School and in themselves as well. Some of the families are supported by a Grandmother, Aunt, Uncle and there are usually many children in a homestead. We assist the neediest of these Scholarship students’ families with Uniforms and Groceries for the child.

Kuzileza receives her Uniform

Kuzileza receives her Uniform

On a warm and sunny day this term, the children received their Uniforms and Groceries. The children were very excited and could not wait to put the new uniforms on and model for the camera, see the Image Gallery.

A letter from one of the Students, Sandile

“I am a boy of 10 years and i stay with my Grandmother, I never knew my parents. Thank you for the groceries I got. They will help me in doing well with my lessons because I will be full up. As I am an orphan I was so glad to learn that some where in the world there are people who care for my life, I now know that I am not alone, You love me. May God bless you.”

Michael's Groceries

Michael’s Groceries