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In remote rural areas, a sense of community is often eroded through constraints of challenging economic, infrastructural & political environments. We work with communities to organise and run events with the vision of promoting collaborative fun where it is needed most.

The Annual Fun Run events we support in Zimbabwe & Botswana, sponsored by the Jane Bubear Sports Foundation, serve as powerful opportunities for community members, authorities, NGO’s and local businesses to build relationships in the name of positive, healthy collaboration. The aim is to help provide a constructive outlet for communities to come together and work in celebrating their culture and talents.

This year we took some time to film the build-up to both the Chobe & Dete Fun Run and put together a brief video showing how the lead-up to the day is the real value in providing opportunities for the community to engage around all the excitement in a healthy way.

As can be seen in the video many governmental departments, schools, local businesses and NGO’s support the events. This year included a horseback wildlife escort from the Conservation & Wildlife Fund to ensure the runners in the Hwange Area were safe from wildlife encounters … which was all very exciting for everyone.